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Limited Orders

Due to the amount of time and effort put in to each custom painting the amount of orders I can accept is limited.  Please order early as spaces fill up.  Please allow for two to three weeks for your painting to be completed.  Please allow a total of four to five weeks if ordering a painting with custom stationary.


More than Just a Painting

As I sketch each line, brick and walkway I am truly reveling in the beauty of each home and garden.  I have a sketch style that is almost entirely free-hand which results in giving your home a wonderful cottage appeal.  Because I rarely use a ruler you will find that my paintings are not exact replicas of a home but rather loving renderings of a home and its gardens. Each painting I create is the product of considerable study.  First I begin with a sketch study.  In the sketch study I lay out a rough sketch of your home.  Perhaps there is a large tree canapy covering your gorgeous slate roof?  In this step I might "trim" back the tree, for example, so as to better view the slate roof.  I re-work my sketch until I arrive at my final draft.  Next I perform a color study.  For the color study I mix paints while keeping detailed notes.  This is how I select a color scheme needed to achieve the desired hues, tints and shades for your painting.  

About Me

Growing up in Southern California there always seemed to be a housing boom.  New homes and neighborhoods popped up endlessly and it was a family pastime to tour new model homes.  I grew up loving and sketching homes from a young age.  I even attempted a few home designs!  In the summer of 2015 I moved to West Hartford, Connecticut.  I immediately fell in love with West Hartford and its quaint cottage style New England homes and gardens.  I revel in the changing seasons and beautifully landscaped yards.  In painting West Hartford homes I hope to contribute to West Hartford's exemplary sense of community and pride in home ownership.  I feel honored to be a part of the West Hartford community.  If you spot me about town snapping photos of a home for my next painting please stop and say hello!

-Jackie Fiorello

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